Launching a Smartphone Windows Phone for Sony

Earlier this week , a fairly noticing gossip was launched on canvas. It was to say that Sony certainly plans to launch a Windows Phone device .

From the discussion of TechRadaar with Pierre Perron , head of the firm Sony Mobile Europe has announced that it was in direct relation with Microsotft and he would try not to be based on a single operating system for its future Smartphones.

On the Microsoft side, which is a pretty disturbing situation for the past few months. Indeed , Windows Phone has begun to penetrate with market share to double digits in some areas. All Windows Phone Smartphones of 2013 were dominated by Nokia Lumia . So Microsoft had to invest in buying the “device” of the Finnish branch. It was in this case to convince new partners in changing scheme. It is to reduce

On the other hand, in recent decades , specifically after separation from Sony Ericsson in 2011 , tablets and Smartphones Sony focused on the Android system. But Windows Mobile 6.x phones were launched following its association with Microsoft for its VAIO notebooks . However, the company has never considered working on Windows Phone so far. Gold as a surprise , Sony had planned to manufacture smartphones that focus on the basis of WindowsPhone8 , Microsoft in 2014. Sony invests in four years through the Android Xperia brand could therefore publish a Windows Phone “VAIO .” But do not rush because several prototypes SmartphonesXperia Windows Phone have been discovered during the past two years .

Note that the benefits of using Windows Phone are numerous. Take for example the case of Windows Phone 8 . The latter offers a complementarity between mobile and computer with the following Office Mobile natively integrated into your Windows Phone, you can work on your documents directly from your mobile . Thus, more compatibility problems between versions of your computer and your mobile . Many professional tools are available on Windows Phone 8 . With Outlook Mobile , manage your email from your mobile as on a computer. You have several mobile in your company? Activ Sync with Exchange , manage different mobiles present in the company ( application deployment , updating , formatting … ) . And employees , Exchange Activ Sync allows you to synchronize your mail and calendars . A handy tool for collaborative work. Finally, for larger companies, private App Store can be created by DSI to be able to offer their own business applications and deploy them with greater ease and safety. Phone8 with Windows , you can also expect enhanced security with BitLocker technology – checks and encrypts your data whenever your mobile lights. The integrated Internet Explorer 10 browser also offers more security while browsing with encryption of your personal data . In addition, the concept of ” Sandbox ” Windows Phone 8 prevents third-party applications to access your data. And applications are partitioned and data are better protéger.Enfin , it is possible to lock and even erase your data remotely from the website

If Microsoft has already achieved an Accomplishment quality with this Windows Phone , hoping that collaboration between the large and giant Sony will give still more satisfactory results.

PCs, tablets, smartphones: in 2014, an estimated 7.6% growth

Early this year, the research firm Gartner reports on the PC market , tablets and smartphones. The general point of view , this broad sector led to further progress in 2014. However, all sectors will not benefit from the same growth.

In 2013, Gartner estimates that more than 2.3 billion PCs, tablets and mobile phones were sold worldwide , an increase of about 84 million units compared to 2012 . This growth was achieved through an increase in sales of tablets , mobile phones and hybrid products , while conventional PCs were down .

According to Gartner, in 2014 should follow the same trend. In fact, this entire sector is expected to grow 7.6 % to almost 2.5 billion units .
More specifically , the market for traditional PC should continue to regress from about 300 million to about 278 million sales . In addition, other sectors should continue to progress. The strongest growth could affect tablets that represent more than 263 million sales, against less than 180 million in 2013 . Hybrid devices should also attract more than 39 million consumers , more than double last year.
As for mobile phones, this sector remain very controlling and continue to grow, even if it seems slow . In 2014, nearly 1.9 billion mobile should be sold against a little over 1.8 billion the previous year.

The strong growth of sales of tablets and hybrid devices show the growing interest in mobile and multifunctional devices . Apple , which sells fewer tablets could lose market share .

Samsung Galaxy GamePad: a joystick for smartphones Galaxy

Samsung has just announced the release of the Galaxy GamePad , support for Galaxy terminals 4 to 6.3 inches, which allows you to play video games on the terminal with the equivalent of a joystick .

Galaxy GamePad1
The South Korean firm had mentioned this accessory to the launch of the Galaxy S4, and it took nine months before the device finally arrives in the commercial : designed by Samsung , the Galaxy Gamepad is , as its name suggests, a joystick dedicated to gaming devices in the Galaxy range , even if also works with devices from other manufacturers. Conditions for use : have a smartphone with a screen from 4 to 6.3 inches , and running at least Android 4.1 Jelly Bean – the company says that the accessory is “optimized for devices with Android 4.3 or higher . “

The device has a frame that fits the size of the terminal, a Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity , two analog sticks, an 8- pad , 4 action buttons and two triggers. The Play button is meanwhile only be used with a Samsung smartphone, since the firm was associated with an application only available on its devices: Mobile Console allows access to dozens of games optimized for the Galaxy GamePad – 35 to accessory outlet – including Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted, Asphalt8 : Airborne , Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, Virtua Tennis Challenge or Prince of Persia : The Shadow and the Flame .

Finally, note that the accessory weighs 195 grams – not counting the weight of the smartphone – and includes a battery 160 mAh on which it is not possible to connect the terminal. Galaxy GamePad is already available for a price of around 80 euros.

Samsung and Wiko would hold 70% of the smartphone market in France

While you might think that Apple , HTC or Nokia still have a comfortable position in the smartphone market in France , the reality seems a bit surprising. A study by the institute GFK revealed by Challenges, reveals in fact the market shares – in volume – the smart phone manufacturers in our country and the result is clear: both are largely dominant brands Samsung and , surprise, Wiko . The success of the first is almost overwhelming , as now possess 50% of the market, while the latter reached 20 %.

If the success of Samsung is not really surprising , the latter already being number 1 in the world, the meteoric rise of Wiko is rather more unexpected and the company based in Marseille in any case seems to have found it rich by specializing in the entry and mid-range smartphone. This success is explained by other data from this study , indicating that the majority of French do not want to spend more than 300 euros in a smartphone, an economic reality which therefore plays against Apple , whose iPhones are no longer 3% of the national market. The Californian company still remains fifth sector , preceded by Nokia in third place , which reached 10 %. The article does not, however Challenges reveals who is the fourth player rankings.

Calculate its cholesterol on their smartphone, it is possible

An ” app ” to calculate his cholesterol : this is what invented three American researchers from Cornell University in New York. Noting that the tools of self- diagnostic blood still very expensive , scientists have developed an accessory for smartphone ” SmartCard ” , and an application to calculate reliably the level of cholesterol in the blood. Their research is published in the journal Lab on a Chip.
Results in 60 seconds

After a series of successful tests , the system is used to accurately calculate the total cholesterol levels in the blood in less than sixty seconds. Their system consists of a small accessory that attaches to the camera / camera smartphone device, an application , and test strips to measure cholesterol levels already commercially available .

A drop of blood is placed on the marker strip before a color reaction occurs. This strip is then placed in the drive through which an image is generated using the phone’s camera . The integrated smartphone flash , diffuse the light needed to illuminate the test strip. The application comes in. It then quantizes the color change and converts it to a concentration of cholesterol in the blood.

Smartphones have the potential to address health issues ”

According to David Erickson, professor at Cornell University and head of the study, ” smartphones have the potential to address health issues by eliminating the need for specialized equipment .” Such an accessory would thus according to the researchers dramatically increase preventive care for cardiovascular disease by making these more accessible tests. Monitoring and testing of patients whose disease is chronic, or are stuck at home would be greatly facilitated .

“Health on the mobile is growing at an incredible pace ,” continues David Erickson. “This is the next big thing .” If the smart card is ready to be sold on the market, the researchers believe that their abilities are more advanced in one year.

Nearly 60 % of the U.S. adult population shows a cholesterol above normal. In France , this rate drops to 20% of adults according to a study published Sept. 24 in the Weekly Epidemiological Bulletin ( BEH ) . High levels of cholesterol in the blood are known to be a risk factor for coronary heart disease and even cancer . The cholesterol level may be controlled by diet , eating less saturated fats .